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About Us

We are a startup including a team of few friends. Root My Droid is the first to provide Android Rooting/Hacking/Upgrading service in the city of Mumbai. Root My Droid is the most popular and trusted source for Android related problems and services. We have a 100% success rate with all of our satisfied customers(2000+).

Our Goal

Provide Android™ Smartphone related services to all Mumbaikars at an affordable rate so that they can take full advantage of their phones." Rooting helps users to unlock the full potential of their device such as updating to a newer version, removing useless apps, improve performance,etc.

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Why Root ?

What We Do

Root My Droid is your one stop destination for all your Android needs. We provide you the best services you can imagine.


Get superuser permissions on your phone so you can remove apps you don't like or apply some mods.


Stuck with an older version of software and waiting forever for an update ? We update your phone to the latest version of Android available.

Custom ROMs

Custom ROMs bring a ton of features and add-ons. From Cyanogenmod to MIUI we will install it for you.


Take full system backups to restore it in case of an emergency. You will get your phone working the same way back as it was with all your data.


If you happen to mess around and turn your phone into a paperweight, we will unbrick and restore it to its working condition.


We will optimize your phone to enhance it's performance for a smooth and remarkable experience. You can also over-clock your phone's CPU.


Make your phone stand out with amazing themes and UI. Customize it as you like, but you may get people peeping in your phone more often.


Unlock your phone to make it work with any sim. Also we unlock your phone's bootloader to install a custom recovery.

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Read what our customers have to say about us. (Use the arrows to navigate.)

Thanks guys for the Cyanogenmod 12 install for my S5, I'm liking it a lot.You have done a great job I recommend everyone Root My Droid.

Abhinay Mendon

I wanted to root my HTC 816 because I needed to move files to my SD card. It was done within an hour and finally I was able to do it. Great work!

Sarita Das

I could upgrade my 4 year old Moto Defy to Kitkat (CM11). It's brought a new life in my phone. This is really an innovative startup!

Abhilash Raveendrans

I wanted to install CM 12 on my HTC One M7. And I had Lollipop before any of my friends! All thanks to the guys at Root My Droid!

Adarsh Nair

I could update my Galaxy Grand to Kitkat and got rid of all the bloatware and TouchWiz. Finally I love my phone like I just bought it!

Rajesh More


All good things come with a price, and we at Root My Droid give you the best bang for your buck.

₹ 699
₹ 999
Custom ROMs / Update
₹ 1,499